Sunday, April 18, 2021
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An effective soccer coach should not only have soccer knowledge. Other important characters make him a better coach producing an excellent team. This article will discuss some of the characters which make a good coach. Read on.

Role Model

Every team needs a role model, and the best role model should be the coach, who is their leader in this case. Carry yourself in such a manner that people want to imitate you.

Professional Appearance

Always be neat and tidy. You should never ignore your appearance. Be on your uniform every time you have a game or when going for training.

Be Friendly

friendly coachThere should be a healthy coach-player relationship between you and your team. Understand their different personalities, interests, and lifestyles. This is the only way to relate well to them. With such knowledge, you will be able to analyze their mental characteristics and varied emotions. At times you are allowed to get personal but stay professional.

Observe Time

As a coach, you should arrive early during matches and training. This gives you enough time to set up the field and take care of other matters before the session kicks off. You will as well have enough time to focus on training objectives at the scheduled time.


A good leader involves the team members in decision making. Remember the decisions will be affecting them directly hence the need to consider their opinions. Encourage them to speak out and air any complaints without fear.

Be a Good Communicator

coach, football teamAs a coach, you should be aware of the importance of communication. Communication is not about giving orders. It’s all about listening, recognition, and encouragement. When your teams perform well, praise them. If things go the other way, encourage them to do better. The use of kind words goes a long way. Facial communication plays a huge role as well. Do not use negative body language during matches and training.


No one else will encourage your team for you. Develop activities which motivate your players to do better every other day. Always remind them of their missions and goals but in a friendly manner. Words of encouragement and motivation goes a long way in creating a winning team.
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