electric tankless heater

Things to Consider When Buying Electric Tankless Heaters

Commercial businesses and homeowners have, in the recent past, shifted to using electric tankless water heaters. This is because they have more benefits when compared to the traditional tank water heaters. You, however, should be aware of the fact that electric tankless water heaters have limitations that you must consider before buying. In this article, we will be looking at what to consider when buying an electric tankless water heater.


First, you need to calculate your household’s demand flow rate and determine the temperature rise in your home. You can then decide the right size of an electric tankless water heater that suits you. The best way would be to seek the opinion of a professional who will give you a precise answer. There is no need to spend a lot of money on a large, eclectic tankless water heater that you genuinely do not need. If your household needs a lot of hot water, then you may need to buy a big sized electric tankless water heater.

Energy-Saving and Efficiency

One of the key benefits of shifting to electric tankless water heaters is energy saving. This is a factor that you need to consider when you decide to buy an electric tankless water heater. However, be aware that the efficiency and energy savings decrease as your hot water needs increase. A tankless water heater will always outperform a traditional water heater, but you still must consider your hot water needs. Remember that gas units deliver lower annual costs when compared to the electric tankless water heaters. Consider this fact carefully in relation to the amount of water needed in your household.


A good quality electric tankless water heater should have an extended warranty. Ideally, the warranty should be valid for about 3-5 years. However, you need to ensure that installation is done by professionals to ensure you are eligible for the warranty coverage. Compare warranties provided by different electric tankless water heater before making your choice of which one to buy. Remember that manufacturers who believe in the reliability and quality of their product will stand behind them with reasonable warranty periods.

Buying an electric tankless water heater is not simple, and there are a lot of things that you must consider. You need to take your time to ensure you make the right choice. Do extensive research before purchasing an electric water heater.…