Types Of Electric Shavers Available

Electric ShaversIt is no secret that most men are impulse buyers. Unlike their female counterparts, men will hardly spare some time shopping for their things. But if you have decided that you are going to purchase a shaver, it is very important that you exercise caution and select the right device that will suit your shaving needs. Most men will purchase any, as they think that all shavers are the same, but they do not realize that they come in different types.

When purchasing a shaver, besides getting the best type, it will be good if you get the shaver that will perform properly for you. Even though taking the price of it in the market is important, you are supposed to strictly take into consideration the facial hair that you will be removing from your face. Is your facial hair long or short? What is its hardness levels? Ones you have all this figured out, then purchase your facial saver. Let us look at some of the types of facial shavers that are in the market today and some of the advantage and disadvantages that come with them.

Different types of electric shavers

1. Electrical rotary shavers

These are the type of facial shavers that have either four or three rotating heads. If you are the type of guy who has thick facial hair that grows faster, then this is the type of shaver that you should purchase. They can also be efficient in shaving the type of hair that tends to grow in different directions. If you are the individual who does not like shaving on a daily basis, then these are the ideal shavers for you. These shavers work in a way that they lift your hair away from the face while they cut it from the inside using the rotating components. When using it ensures that you move it in a circular motion.

2. Electrical foil shavers

These are the type of shavers that have a thin layer of foil that is covering the oscillating shaving blades, hence the name foil shavers. The foil in electric shavers serves two major purposes. The first one being lifting the hair away from the skin so that it is cut neatly and in a closer manner. The second reason is to ensure that the blade on skin contact is minimised hence making it the best shaver in the market.

3. Clipper shaver

This particular one can also be referred to as a beard trimmer or the hair clipper. It is a good shaver, so long as you do not want to achieve a clean and smooth shave. It can also be used on both your head and beards.