Wednesday, July 28, 2021
robot arm

For the last half-century, the automotive industry has benefited a lot with the use of robots. Ideally, the robots are used for a wide range of processes. Automakers have explored the use of robotics to make manufacturing processes more efficient than before. You should note that robots are more accurate, flexible, dependable, and efficient on the production lines. In fact, technology has allowed the automotive industry to be a core supply chain globally and the largest consumer of robots.

Robotic Vision

Industrial robotic arms can carry out precise work as they can easily see whatever they are doing. Ideally, the robot wrist has a camera array and laser that provides the machine with instant feedback. Thus, robots can offer to offset when they are installed apart as they know where they are going. Fenders, door panels, and windshields are more accurate as far as robotic vision is concerned.

Arch and Spot Welding

Industrial robots that have longer arms and large payload capabilities can easily handle spot welding on the heavy body panels. The smaller robots weld light parts like brackets and mounts. The inert metal gas (MIG) and inert tungsten gas (TIG) can position the torch in the required orientation with each cycle. As a result, preserving high standards in fabrication is possible.


In vehicle manufacturing plants, robotic arms assemble various parts such as pumps and motors at high speed. There are other tasks, such as wheel mounting, windshield installation, and screw driving, that can be done by robots.

Coating, Sealing, and Painting

As you know, the work of an automotive painter is not easy. Moreover, it is quite toxic. Also, labor shortages make it difficult to find professional painters. Thus, robotic arms can fill the void as their job entails consistent for every coat of paint. The robots follow a programmed path and cover large areas and even limit wastage. You should note that machines are efficient at spraying sealants, adhesives, and primers.

Part Transfer

The process of transferring metal stamps, unloading CNC machines, and pouring of hot molten metal into the foundry is quite dangerous for human workers. In fact, this type of job is done by large industrial robots. Loading and unloading tasks and machine tending can be done by smaller robots.

Materials Removal

You should note that robots easily follow a complex path several times. Thus, they are an ideal tool for trimming and cutting jobs. The light robots are suited to this work. Some of the tasks include polishing molds, cutting fabric, and plastic moldings.…

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surge protector

The RV surge protector is a device that is mostly used to protect most of the electrical apparatus from sags. When there is unwanted power voltage supplied to your electrical appliances, the RV surge protector blocks it. If you want to protect your devices, then this is the right tool you need to purchase.

The power surge is an instant process where there is an increase in the power supply that can later cause devastating damage to your electrical appliances. Therefore, it acts as an electrical keeper. Most of the models monitor various aspects of the power supply. Due to this reason, it offers protection from any destructive electrical problems.

The RV surge protectors are mostly considered helpful whenever there are cases of electricity spikes. Despite the model, most of these devices are very easy to use. In other words, if you fit your surge protector to your power plugins, then you are on a safe side because your electrical devices will not be spiked. Below are the common types of RV surge protectors.

The Hardware RV Surge Protector

The hardware Surge protector is a common type of RV surge that is firmly attached to your RV’s interior aspects. Due to this reason, you can find them in the components where the wiring systems pass. When you are making the connections, make sure that it is on.

surge processorWith the hardware RV surge protector, you do not need to worry more about it being stolen because it is connected into your RV system.

The Portable RV Surge Protector

Another common type of an RV surge protector you need to know is the portable RV surge protector. Most people consider it because it is easy to use because you do not need to install it. If you need to use this kind of a surge protector, consider using a manual guide.

The portable surge protector is directly connected to the outlet of your electrical appliances. Also, they are specifically designed to warn users concerning any potential dangers from the spike fluctuations. In other words, it means that it will give you caution if there is high and low energy voltage.

Progressive Industries EMS

The growing industries EMS is one of the top portable types of RV surge protector you need to know. Even if it is used in a vertical position, it is straightforward to install and use since it has a portable and compact design.…

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